Collection: Large Flax Bags- Hot/Cold

Can a Flax Bag really help? YES! They have been proven to:

    Ease tension

    Relieve sore muscles

    Reduce swelling and inflammation

    Promote faster healing

    Soothe pain including arthritic pain

    Offer calming relaxation

    Calm cramping

    Reduce stress and anxiety


The Flax wrap can be used around the neck, on limbs the abdomen and well…EVERYWHERE!

Heating Instructions:

1) Fold in half

2) Place in the center of the microwave

3) Heat for 1 minute

4) Remove and agitate*** Do not skip this step ***

Repeat heating and agitate steps up to desired temperature (approx. 3 min)


Cooling Instructions:

1) Refrigerate or Freeze flax bag until desired temperature is reached.


You can also add your favorite essential oil for added aromatherapy affects.