What is "Grow With Me" clothing ? Does it work ?

What is "Grow With Me" clothing ? Does it work ?

What if it was possible to purchase high quality clothing that would last your little one months or even YEARS at a time? Well, with the Grow With Me Collection by Lions & Lambs, that dream is now a reality!

But what really is “Grow With Me” baby clothing and how can it actually last your rapidly growing baby right into childhood? Let’s take a look.

What is the “Grow With Me” Collection?

It is a collection of various clothing items that can be worn alone or layered to create the look you want. They are handmade in Saskatchewan with locally sourced fabrics and all items are soft and super stretchable. Besides the obvious appeal of clothing that is sustainable and long-lasting, parents will find that this modern clothing line has plenty of options to clothe their little one.

How Does the Collection Work?

Lions & Lambs currently carries the Grow With Me Hoodies/Sweaters, the Grow With Me Pants/Shorts, the Grow With Me Sets, the Grow With Me Romper, the Grow With Me Cardigan and Grow With Me Dress/Tunic.

Depending on the item, the Grow With Me Collection allows you to simply adjust by folding or unfolding the legs, waist, arms, or by using snaps at the should to adjust according to the growth of your little ones. The ample cut of the overalls and pants allows for comfort in the movements, and is perfect support for washable diapers and baby wearing.

The Grow With Me Dress is also multi-purpose, with the ability to start off as a dress or tunic and adjust with your little one into a shirt.

The Grow With Me Collection comes in a range of rich and gorgeous neutrals, pops of color and lasting patterns.

Is This Collection a “One Size Fits All?”

The Grow With Me Collection is not a one size fits all, but rather comes in 4-5 size ranges, depending on the item. For example, the Grow With Me Hoodies comes in sizes: 3-12 months,1-3 years 3-6 years, 6-9 years and 9-12years. These sizes ranges still allow for you to get a significant period of time out of this high quality clothing, while still ensuring that the clothing adequately
fits your growing child.

Where Can I Find Grow With Me Baby Clothing?

All the Grow With Me Clothing are listed under the Collections/Shop now button on the page. 

Have more questions? Please reach out !

Happy Shopping xoxo Charlotte 


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